10 Things NOT To Wear

10 things to avoid when choosing your session outfit

Gabriela Martinez is wearing a style closet option in downtown Mcallen

What you wear on your session day is a way to say who you are and what your style is. So what you wear is an important piece of the process when it comes to photos telling your unique story. And just as important as what to wear is what you NOT to wear on to your session!

After all these years of photographing people, I have learned what looks good and what doesn’t look good in photos. Here is a list of the top 10 things NOT to wear for your senior photos:

Wrinkled Clothing

You want to make sure your clothes look their best in your photos so make sure you iron them prior to your session. Wrinkles make it appear as though you did not care or take the time to prep for your session.

Tight Clothing!

You want to make sure your clothes fit properly. If your clothes are too tight they may be uncomfortable which can result in photos that are the best. Plus, tight clothing will limit your posing capability.

Oversized Clothing

The opposite of tight clothing is clothing that is too big and you don’t want that either! Oversized clothing can be trendy but it doesn’t allow you and your shape to be seen and you could get lost inside the clothes.

Too Trendy

I love a good fashion trend but super trendy clothing will date your photos. So make sure you use trends sparingly or mixed with more traditional pieces so your photos look good many years from now. I would say that you should use one trendy outfit, one true to you that shows your personality, and one classic outfit such as a solid color dress.

Too Old

You want to dress your age so make sure to choose clothing that is appropriate for a teen. Sometimes moms can try to influence what their daughters wear and force an item from their closet. Just make sure you are wearing clothing that is age appropriate for you.

Crazy Patterns

This does not mean you have to wear all solids! NO! But it does mean to choose patterns wisely. Make sure the pattern doesn’t overwhelm you or take away from you as the subject of the photo.

All the same color

Your absolute favorite color could be purple but make sure that every piece of clothing for your senior shoot is not purple. Choose different colors so that your photos show variety.

All the same style of clothing

Just like with color, you want your outfits to be a good variety. So don’t wear all dresses or don’t wear jeans and just switch the top for all your outfits. Mix it up and bring a dress, a jeans or pants outfit, a skirt, etc.

Colored or patterned undergarments

There is nothing worse that seeing the undergarment through the clothes! Make sure you choose nude and remember to bring the appropriate undergarment for each outfit.

Brand Logos

Your shoot is about you not a specific brand so make sure you are wearing logo-free clothing, or limit it to one piece.

Most importantly, taking your time to choose your outfits is important. All sessions include a styling consultation where I can help you find the most flattering outfits. The studio style closet is all full of clothing and accessories to borrow for your session. I would love to help you prepare for your big day.

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