The Senior Rep Program has been such an amazing addition to my studio! I absolutely love bringing high school seniors together from different schools to make senior year extra special. We have just chosen Year 4 of this program and we have our largest group ever. This past application process brought us 112 senior rep applicants, and 33 were chosen to represent my studio. So what is a rep? A rep is able to get a first hand look at getting the Pixel Annie's Experience, and share it with others at their school. I pride myself on providing a great experience to any client that comes into my studio, and the reps get to know exactly what it's like to work with me. We also have lots of moments where we can hang out, have fun, be creative, and of course take lots of photos! Imagine having your senior year documented and having so many photo memories to look back on. We are now recruiting Senior Reps for the class of 2025. Click on the link below to apply. You can also visit my instagram for more information. 

Senior Rep Program

Senior Rep Year 3

Senior Rep Year 4

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