The Senior Rep Program has been such an amazing addition to my studio! I absolutely love bringing high school seniors together from different schools to make senior year extra special. Most importantly, we love to highlight the best of senior year!! So year 5 is officially here!! Scroll down to meet each one of the new reps. This year we have two teams, a Senior Rep team, and a Senior Rep Athlete team. So what's the difference? The Rep team is focused on documenting all aspects of senior year, while the athlete team focuses more on being an athlete your senior year. We have so many things in store for this upcoming year and we cannot wait to show you. So what is a rep? A rep is a hand selected high school senior that  is able to get a first hand look at getting the Pixel Annie's Experience, and share it with others at their school. They are the face of Pixel Annie's Studio and embrace the Seniors By Annie brand!! We also have lots of moments where we can hang out, have fun, be creative, and of course take lots of photos! We also love giving back, so we'll be out in our communities doing community service this year. It's a great experience. Imagine having your senior year documented and having so many photo memories to look back on. Class of 2026 applications open November 1, 2024 and close February 28, 2025. Applications will be available on this webpage. You must follow my instagram to be eligible to apply so make sure and scroll to the bottom of this page and follow me on Instagram. 

Senior Rep Program

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Senior Rep Year 5

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