Session Feature: Makayla

A Closer look at this Senior Rep’s Grad Session

Makayla De La Torres poses with all her school memorabilia for her session.

Makayla has been a part of the One Last Shot Senior Rep team for the past two years. As a Junior she stood out as one of the top reps, always ensuring to project a positive self image, kindness to others, and she also engaged so many seniors from the mid-valley area through her use of social media marketing. Makayla was also the 2021 recipient of the $500 scholarship that I offer each year. This session was emotional not only for her parents and family, but for me. Although she is going to be missed, I am proud of her accomplishments and am excited to tell you more about her very unique session.

The Location

When Makayla began to plan her session, she knew that she wanted a unique location. She did most of the scouting, I must admit, but in the end, she chose a beauty for her session. This undisclosed private location is an abandoned resort that was popular in the early 1900’s before it was closed for good. Over the years it has become a historical area that tempts many people to go onto the property and look around. This location is private, so we made sure we had permission from the property owner and she was kind enough to escort us around while we worked. But all I can say is O.M.G.! Although the property appears run down and abandoned, the building still stood in beauty and character.

The Session

Makayla helped me to “kick off” grad season as she was my very first senior session for 2022. This is a season that I absolutely LOVE and look forward to. As a Senior Rep, Makayla has learned how to pose and as they say “work the camera”! She is so easy going and confident, and that definitely comes through in every one of her photos. Makayla began her session with a cute dress and hat, then transitioned into a dressier option that looked amazing on her. For the final shots, she changed into a more casual option and ended the session with fun cap n gown shots.

The Fun Part

We definitely had lots of fun taking full advantage of all the unique spots this location had to offer. There was a very friendly dog that followed us around and even tried to get into a few shots with Makayla. It was funny, and I wish that I would’ve taken a few shots of him.

The Not so Fun Part

The night before Makayla’s session, a cold front blew in and the temperatures dropped down into the 40’s. That’s usually nice for valley residents, but when you’re wearing a dress and open toe heels in the open wind, it’s not so fun. Makayla was a trooper though, and got through her session like a pro.

The Best is Yet to Come

Makayla is keeping an open mind for her future plans. With a possible college softball career in the future, she is considering all of her options before she takes her next step. We want to wish her the very best and we know that her future is very bright no matter what road she decides to take.

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