Session Feature: Carmen’s Studio Session

Senior Rep Carmen – Nikki Rowe High School

The Session

When Carmen booked her senior session, she had the vision of what she wanted her end result to look like. She requested a simple and classic look. This is different from what most seniors want and I was a little excited to do this for her. Carmen dressed in distressed jeans and a white button down shirt which completed the classic look. Most of all it was a simple, but sophisticated look. Carmen had great posing and movement throughout her session which made her photos look comfortable and natural.

The Location

Carmen chose the studio for her session. Studio sessions are more comfortable and an easier environment to take photos in. There’s no worries of melting makeup, or wind blown hair and we were able to take our time, not having to worry about beating the setting sun.

The Best Part

As the session came to an end, it was time for confetti. This is always the best part of the session, after all, who doesn’t love confetti? Best of all, these are her college colors so the confetti served as a college reveal prop. It was such a great outcome!

If you’d like to book a studio session, contact me so that we can get you started.

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