What Location Is Best For Your Senior Photos

The second most popular question I get asked is, “Where will we take my senior photos?” The location is a big piece of making sure your senior photos are unique to you and fit your personality and style. But with so many location options, how do you pick the one that is best for you?

Don’t worry, below I’ve got 5 things to consider that will help you when it comes to picking the right location for your senior photos.

1. YOU! The first thing we should consider when picking locations is you! Is there a specific location that you love? What is your absolute favorite place in (insert your town)? Maybe your family has a special spot that you like to visit and spend time or maybe your family owns land or other location that you love. Maybe your own backyard is special to you. A location is perfect if it is special to you. So first consider you and the places you love to help you pick a location that will be perfect for your senior photos. Be sure to let me know about any location you would like to use so I can make sure it will give you the best option for your senior photos.

2. Your Style! The second thing to consider when trying to pick the right location is your style and what you will be wearing for your senior photos. The location needs to coordinate with the style of clothing you plan on wearing. If you are planning on wearing a long, flowing Free People style dress, then a location that goes with that look would be best such as a field. But if you plan on wearing a leather jacket, ripped jeans and a vintage concert tee, an urban location would look best. By determining the outfits for your session, you can help narrow down the location options.

3. Your Personality! Are you a casual person who loves the outdoors? Then a natural type location would work great. Maybe you are bright, cheery and love color. If so, a location that has a colorful background would help show off your unique personality.

4. Your Hobbies and Interests! Ask yourself what you favorite thing to do is. Maybe you love to ride horses. If so, a horse farm could be the perfect location for your senior photos. Are you a dancer? Then a dance studio could be a great location.

5. Where and How You will use these images! Or more specifically will mom and dad be hanging these photos in your home? If so, picking a location that would look good displayed in your home is a great way to narrow down your location options. You want to make sure that the colors and style of the location in the background look good hanging on the wall in your home.

I have lots of great locations to show you in order to help you determine which one would work best for your senior photo session. Be sure to check out the location gallery and sample photos of each type of location by clicking HERE. And if you have a specific location not listed, please let me know! I love going to new locations and creating amazing senior photos!

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