Why Pro Hair and Makeup is Best for Senior Photos

You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t wear a lot of makeup” or “I know how to do my own makeup!” But when it comes to senior photos and makeup for camera, there is a lot more involved and having a professional can be the thing that makes the difference between your photos look ok and looking fabulous! Getting your hair and makeup done by a professional for your senior photos will make your photos look even more professional and give you the chance to relax, be pampered and not have to worry about a thing!

There is a major difference when it comes to an everyday makeup look and what is necessary for a photo shoot. Professional hair and makeup artists know the difference. Most people think it is just about putting more on but it takes a trained professional to know exactly the right type of makeup, how much and what works best for each client.

Here are a few reasons why using a professional hair and makeup artist is key:

1. They can apply make up that is right for your skin as well as makeup that lasts. Depending on the weather during your session, you could experience obstacles that could ruin a regular every day makeup look. But with professionals, they can apply makeup that will stand up to weather and heat. Airbrush makeup does wonders for skin by making it look super natural and not caked on but it will also stay on even if you get a little sweaty.

2.An artist can curl your hair to last! Some clients have hair that really loves to be curled and will last throughout the session. Others have hair that doesn’t hold curl as well. But with a professional hair stylist, they can see what type of hair you have and curl it accordingly. By using a certain type of curling iron or curling your hair in a different way, they can create the perfect style that will last as long as possible during your shoot.

3.They can create a look that is you but elevated! You want to look like you but also enhance the everyday look for your photos. A professional hair and makeup stylist can talk with you about what you do on a normal basis and take that up a level. You are paying for professional photos so you want to make sure every aspect of the process is professional.

4.They can give you what you want! This is where Pinterest comes in! Pin looks you love and show those to the artist. They can create almost any look within reason! 🙂 Share with the artist what you like about the looks you are showing them so they can interpret the look for you and your specific style.

5.They use the best products for the best possible look. Professionals have tons of products for every type of skin and hair type. They have a lot more than most of us have so by using them for your shoot, you will be able to get a look that you wouldn’t be able to get with your own everyday products.

When you book your senior photos with me, I will make a hair and makeup appointment with RGV Makeup By Cindy. You will be pampered and look amazing for your senior photos!

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little "extra".

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