Fall Senior Session vs. Grad Session

What’s the difference?

A senior session and a graduation session sound like the exact same thing, and they totally could be depending on what photographer you ask, but there are some differences in my opinion. Whether you have one or the other, or both, is totally up to you!

Featured is Kevin, a senior at Sharyland High School

Fall Senior Session

I consider a senior session to occur at the beginning of senior year. Sort of an “announcement” session of senior year. During this session, seniors typically show their involvement in sports, clubs, teams, and dress in their uniforms, jerseys, and t-shirts related to their extra curricular activities. Since it’s the start of football season, it’s a great time to show off those football jerseys, cheer uniforms, and dance attire! Three immediate benefits of booking a senior session are:

  1. Having photos to share with friends and family announcing you as a senior
  2. Having more professional photos to display at your graduation celebrations
  3. Having a variety awesome photos in your sports / team wear to forever look back on.
Featured is Gabriel, a senior at Edinburg High School

Graduation Session

A graduation session is a session where of course the focus is on your graduation. Typically, grads will wear a classic outfit, will take cap n gown photos, and will usually showcase a college tee. There’s usually not enough time to also incorporate sports wear or other outfits so this is where a senior session is beneficial. Of course, you don’t need both a senior session and a grad session, however you’ll have way more photos to look back on and you won’t feel rushed to include everything from your entire senior year into a 60 minute session.

Featured is Lailah, a 2022 graduate

I’ve had such a great response to fall senior sessions this year, so I don’t want you to miss your opportunity! If you’d like to book your session, contact me via Instagram, Facebook, or you can visit my website Pixelanniestudio.com and complete a contact form.

Can’t wait to work with you!! – Annie

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