Why I choose to work with a makeup artist

A full service studio

Welcome to my full service studio! In the last year, I’ve added a makeup and style room, as well as an entire style closet with outfits and accessories to borrow for your session! In the process, I met and hired Cindy Lopez, professional makeup artist to join my team! Further below you’ll see some of her latest work, and the only thing I can say is that I am so pleased with her work every. single. time.

The benefits of adding professional makeup to your session

I often get asked how using a professional makeup artist can really benefit my clients. There are many reasons why I choose to work with a MUA. I’d like to start by saying that I’ve never had a client regret using a professional MUA! Every single girl has noted that using a MUA has made them feel so good during their session and so comfortable because they look their very best!! Secondly, using a makeup artist adds a special treatment that you don’t get every day. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a little pampering? Senior year is a BIG DEAL, and I believe that it’s something that must be celebrated. Well, your senior session, can be a part of that celebration! I LOVE seeing the girls come in, and relax before their session in the makeup room, listening to their favorite music as the MUA glams her up!

What’s the difference between self-applied makeup and professional makeup?

Even though I’m sure you do an excellent job with your makeup on an everyday basis, when it comes to photo shoots, you have to apply your makeup a little differently to make your best features really pop on camera. Especially since I use off camera lighting to enhance the details of the photo. You may not put on enough makeup normally to please the camera, but may put it on too heavy when trying to get it right for your session.

Who’s my makeup artist you ask??

RGV Makeup by Cindy has partnered up with my studio for the last year and has provided nothing short of amazing results for my clients! I LOVE hearing that the girls feel their absolute best and love the results every time! You can find her on Instagram at username @rgvmakeupbycindy. Below you can see some of the work she’s done for my clients. My favorite thing about Cindy’s work is that it’s always age appropriate and softer for my teen clients. She keeps you looking like YOU!

Senior Rep Year 2 Carmen posing after her makeup session

I choose to hire a professional so you don’t have to worry about it – just sit back and let her work her magic. She’s done this a million times before and knows what looks best on camera. Cameras are very technologically advanced and pick up everything, even things that may not be noticeable to the naked eye. My makeup artist know what to look for, what to enhance, and what to cover.

Featured is Anyssa as she poses in the makeup room after her makeup session.

MUAs also know which shimmery shadows will photograph weird and what colors to avoid for photos. Some things that look good in person tend to look strange on camera. They know what eyeliner to use to make your eyes pop instead of hiding them in shadows, and they’ve got the 4- 1-1 on photography makeup. I prefer to leave this matter in the hands of the professionals. We include this service with most of our packages and you can also add it on to any package. If you have any questions, you can contact me at pixelanniestudio.com.

Featured is Maddy after her makeup session with Cindy.

If you are interested in adding this into you package, please make sure to inform me at your consultation so that we may book with Cindy. All makeup sessions are held an hour before your session in the studio makeup room.

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