Session Feature: Lailah’s 18th Birthday

A Euphoric 18th Birthday

Lailah was such a pleasure to work with. The first impression I got was that she was very independent and confident. She had awesome ideas and great creativity. Lailah wanted a euphoria themed shoot, and I was all for it! I was so excited to incorporate the colors, bling and sparkle into her session.

The Session

This session was inspired by the HBO series Euphoria. This meant lots of sparkle, bling and shimmer. I had so much fun creating this set up and the colors in the final images did not disappoint. I fell in love with the black sparkle one sleeve dress she wore that just completed the whole look. The hint of iridescent in the backdrop brought out the sparkle we were looking for.

The Fun Part

Honestly, the entire session was the fun part, but the confetti shots were honestly the best! We laughed and laughed as we tried to get it perfectly. It took us 11 tries, but we finally got 3 really good ones. Lailah’s bubbly personality kept the session light and happy.

Take a look at these final images for yourself. I incorporated some “Euphoria” style editing into some just for fun, while others reflected a more true to set look. Which are your favorites? We also used a plain grey backdrop for more classic style photos.

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